A higher level of law service for business
We are where you run your business. We offer legal services, regardless of the seat, both stationary and remotely.
Experience used for you
Modern HR needs understanding and more than has been said or written so far. The legal services we provide are looking for solutions tailored to your expectations.
We think different
We are not guided by patterns, but by courage in creating new, unconventional solutions. We approach the services offered individually and with the utmost care so that you can feel safe.
Labour law
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Legal services
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Social security
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HR Consulting
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Everyone likes to be treated individually. Responsible consulting does not need superficial solutions, but those that give a sense of security.

We believe in the need for an individual approach to the customer and building trust. We believe that these are the qualities necessary for professional cooperation. Situations sometimes require immediate action. However, sensible legal advice is more likely to require reflection and time.

The foundation of the Law Firm is the provision of legal services at the highest level and the highest quality. We like to create perfect things. So that you can feel comfortable and safe

Karol Kulig, Ph. D

The highest quality of service
Meet us
O błędach poznawczych w pracy z prawnikami
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Czy można zmusić pracownika do wzięcia urlopu? - Karol Kulig dla Onet.pl
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Opieka nad dzieckiem, urlop na żądanie - audycja w Radiu Kraków
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We like not only to acquire knowledge but also to share it. Because nothing brings such satisfaction as showing the paths to achieving simple solutions. We run open trainings as well as exclusive, dedicated internal trainings.