Lawyer as a partner in business

K. Kulig & Współpracownicy is a boutique law firm based in Cracow. We provide highly specialized legal services in the area of labor law and personal data protection, ongoing legal services for companies and business consulting. We help in every place where you conduct your business. We strive to ensure that the law does not constitute a barrier to development and the lawyer becomes a partner in business. We are distinguished by a modern and individual approach to legal services. We do not fancy or complicate what can be said in a simple way.

We cooperates with the best specialists in other areas of law, which guarantees you security and the highest quality of services

Boutique is a synonym of exclusivity. We offer help in what we know very well. Thanks to this, we inspire customers' trust and consistently build our image. Continuous improvement of professional qualifications translates into providing high quality legal advices, taking into account the latest legal views and amendments to existing regulations.
We do not only offer knowledge. We are aware that customers expect a proposal to solve current and future problems. Knowledge is our tool, but every matter requires taking into account the specificity of the industry in which the client operates, accompanying external circumstances or plans for the future. That's why the practical experience in legal counseling plays an important role. It allows you to analyze the issues that clients face in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive way.
Design thinking
We do not follow schemes, but by courage in creating new, unconventional solutions. We approach the services offered individually, trying to fully understand the business aspects and the client's point of view. Combining legal regulations with elements of soft business consulting enables us to meet the expectations our clients face at the highest level. We ‘think different’.

Modern business requires new technologies

We know how important it is for our clients to have access to modern technologies and tools that facilitate everyday work. Taking this into account, we have created a package of services corresponding to the needs of managers and their teams. Access to on-line training materials, periodic newsletters, #unusual blog - these are some of the proposals we address to our clients.

And that's not all. We are constantly developing and constantly planning how to use modern technology to increase the availability of specialist knowledge