Legal services for Business

K. Kulig & Wspólnicy is a boutique law firm that provides specialized legal advisory services for Business. The team of lawyers of the Law Firm provide services to clients in the fields of law related to the daily conduct of business, both in Polish and international practice. From start to finish.

The founder of the Law Firm isKarol Kulig Ph. D., a specialist in the field of labor law, valued by clients.

Our associates include experienced practitioners of corporate, economic, restructuring, civil and administrative law.

The leading specialization of the Law Firm, due to the founder, is labor law. However, this is not the only area in which we help our clients. Years of cooperation with entrepreneurs, constant improvement of qualifications as well as a dynamically expanding team of lawyers allow us to provide comprehensive services to our clients at the highest level.

The legal boutique is synonymous with exclusivity and the highest quality of service. We offer expert assistance in the areas in which we know ourselves very well. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we inspire the trust of our Clients and consistently build the image of the Law Firm
We are aware that customers have different needs and expect comprehensive solutions. We offer assistance in current matters related to running a business. We approach each case with equal care for the quality and safety of our clients.
Design thinking
We are not guided by patterns, but by courage in creating new, unconventional solutions. We don't complicate what can be said or written in simple terms. We approach the legal services offered individually, trying to fully understand the business aspects and the client's point of view.

We are where you run your business

Distance is not a limitation for us. We provide support where you need it.