Labour law
Labor law is what we know best. We support the current work of employers, management and employees of personnel departments. We advise on solving everyday legal problems and disputable issues that employers face on a daily basis. We are flexible and adapt to the expectations of the client.

1. Comprehensive audits

We carry out comprehensive audits of the employer's areas of activity, aimed at verifying compliance with applicable legal regulations. We advise on problematic issues from the perspective of employers. We verify and complete the current documentation. We prepare reports and detailed implementation projects.

2. Legal opinions

We preprare opinions concerning the legal issues faced by employers in their activities. This applies to both individual and collective matters, arising against the background of laws and company regulations. We indicate how to achieve your business goals in accordance with applicable regulations.

3. Legal aspects of the recruitment process

We help in matters related to the conduct of external and internal recruitment processes, with particular emphasis on the requirements related to labour law and GDPR. We advise on the selection of optimal employment conditions, we indicate legal risks for the adopted solutions.

4. Contracts of employment

We advise on the conclusion of employment contracts with employees, including management staff. We prepare annexes to contracts and support negotiations with employees regarding working conditions. We prepare comprehensive documentation necessary in the process of contract termination. We support in the process of dismissals, including group layoffs.

 5. Social security and Labour inspektor checks

 We provide support during Social security and Labour inspektor checks. We prepare correspondence with inspection bodies and develop reservations on protocols. We make appeals against decisions in contentious matters.

6. Company regulations

We develop projects of workplace sources of labour law (work regulations, remuneration regulations, bonus systems). We provide substantive assistance to specialized advisors in the valuation of positions and the creation of remuneration models. We edit the regulations of bonus systems and advise in the selection of such solutions that will stimulate the growth of the assumed indicators.

7. Management contracts and non-competition agreement

  We develop draft of a management contract, including non-competition agreements. We advise on the hiring of managers, we support in negotiations and we help in solving contracts

8. Working time

Knowledge about the regulation of working time and work time systems is translated into support in the planning and settlement of employees' working time. We review time schedules and verifying their compliance with the law.

9. Anti-mobbing commissions

We provide legal support in the work of anti-mobbing commissions. We prepare the necessary documentation. We prepare codes of ethics and rules of conduct. We conduct training for employees.

10. Cooperation and negotiations with trade unions

We support in cooperation and negotiations with employee representatives, both in the process of law creation (regulations, agreements, collective agreements) and in the resolution of collective disputes.

11. Social Fund

We provide comprehensive legal services in the administration of the social fund. We prepare and review the regulations of the company's social fund. We support social commissions in the work. We represent employers in disputes with Social Security.

12. Intelectual property

We offer legal assistance in the area of employee’s intellectual propery. We design license agreements and copyright transfer agreements.

13. Employment of foreigners and delegation of employees abroad

We provide advice on the activities of employment agencies, all forms of employment of foreigners in Poland and the posting of employees to work abroad.

14. Process support

We represent companies during court proceedings, both against employees, contractors and in cases against public authorities.